Why I’m opting for a more minimalist life

Why I'm opting for a more minimalist life

A couple of months ago I had a stress tantrum. Amongst all the other life stresses, there were piles of laundry covering our bedroom, clutter adorning the surfaces, jewellery I never wear, too many clothes stuffed into drawers as I’d run out of hangers, random unwanted gifts on shelves, wardrobes fit to bursting.  A string of notifications flashing on my devices. I needed to escape the clutter in my brain and yet I was surrounded by it. For me, this moment was the final straw. It finally set me on the path towards living a more minimalist lifestyle, one I’d been fantasising about for a while. I realised I needed a simpler life for my own peace of mind.

What is minimalism? The perception appears to be eschewing all modern life and running to the woods to live as some kind of hybrid hippie/hermit. That’s not the case (though, sometimes that is pretty tempting …)

Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It requires a conscious decision because it is a counter-cultural lifestyle that stands against the culture of over-consumption that surrounds us. ~ Becoming Minimalist

Admittedly, my partner Alex and I are not the tidiest of people. Why spend hours making the house spotless, when we could be out kayaking, or exploring the woods or playing board games with friends? I find it incredibly frustrating having to do housework after a week stuck in an office. I grew up in a household full of life and love, a pack of dogs, cats, chickens, and various small pets. The bustle of this extended family resulted in a cacophony of dirty paw prints, wet noses and tongues, muddy boots, clouds of animal fur, dirty blankets, and chewed animal toys/furniture/unidentified objects. I’m comfortable with a bit of mess, as long as it’s not gross or unhygienic. I’ve got more important things to care about.

Life is for living, not for cleaning. 

I really want this sign from Little Bit Signs on Etsy! (Photo Credit: LittleBitSigns)

That’s the whole point of minimalism when it comes to the crux of it. It’s about giving yourself the space to focus on the things you love and enjoy instead of wasting time, thoughts and energy on the things cluttering your life. The things you thought you needed but really don’t. More stuff means more time spent doing housework, finding things (yep I’m one of those people that’s forever losing things),  scrolling on screens, and never getting round to the increasingly long to-do list. I’m tired of the constant navigating my way around our stuff (mentally and physically) and sustaining various injuries as I go (yeah, I have zero spatial awareness).

But also for me as someone who’s attempting to limit my impact on the planet minimalism really is a no-brainer. I’m already turning my back on materialism as best I can. I’m already limiting what I buy and spending more on quality not quantity. I’m already working to step away from the demands of social media. Minimalism goes hand in hand with a green lifestyle. Buying less and buying better so it lasts longer. Making better choices for you and the planet. Rejecting the negative world of fast fashion. Filling your life with special things you really love, not the mediocre things that ultimately end up in landfill, or worse our oceans. It’s this clutter and over-consumption, a product of materialism, that is contributing to pollution, wildlife decline and climate change.


Minimalism isn’t about giving up everything and sticking to strict rules.  I’m not giving up my hundreds of books because they make me happy and enrich my life. We’ll never stop collecting board games because they challenge our minds and encourage us to spend time together, with friends and family. Our utility room is likely to always be filled with various outdoors paraphernalia because they enable us to spend time in nature, our greatest passion.

I’m really excited about my decision to embrace minimalism in my own way. It’s a step further towards my goals of a happier and greener life. First stop is building my own capsule wardrobe. I’m looking forward to seeing what this journey brings!


Want to know more about minimalism and how to do it? Check out the inspirational blog Becoming Minimalist.



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I’m certainly one of those people that needs to take a step back from the outside world every now and then. Increasingly, I find nature helps to restore me to my default setting, a clear head and an optimistic spirit.

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30 Days Wild: Days 21-27

Tufted Ducks at Rutland Water

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30 Days Wild: Days 8-12

Damselflies at Holme Fen Nature Reserve

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Sedge Warbler at Rutland Water Nature Reserve

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30 Days Wild: Ideas for outdoor adventures

Nature Walking @EmmaBradshaw

In my last blog post I shared lots of ideas on what to do on busy weekdays or when the weather is less than appealing. But 30 Days Wild wouldn’t be complete without forays into the wild outdoors beyond our doorsteps! That’s what I love most about 30 Days Wild, that extra motivation to visit new places, see new species, and take on new adventures, however big or small. So for the days when the sun shines and we have a couple hours or more free, I’ve come up with another 20 or so ideas so we’ll never be stuck for what to do next!

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