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Eurasian Lynx are a protected species under the EU Habitats Directive. Find out how to help keep this law below.

This week has been very depressing regarding the environment. The EU and UK are suspending the ban on neonics, the pesticides that kill bees. Why are they taking a step back and listening to farmers’ short term thinking? Amber Rudd’s climate change speech essentially said the government’s plans for dealing with climate change is to follow business as usual economically (!!!). Badger culling is to be extended to new regions in the UK. And more renewables subsidies are being cut. *climbs under duvet to hide from evil world*

So here’s some interesting eco reads and links to distract ourselves from these setbacks and some ways we can fight back:

Have a great weekend! Any interesting reads or links you’ve come across this week?


Nature’s hidden treasures face their biggest threat yet

Whether we like it or not, much of our wondrous and unique nature in the UK depends almost entirely on the EU. Yet this protection and inspiration may soon be ripped away, leaving all creatures great and small virtually defenceless. But we can all fight to stop that happening.

Falmouth and Helford SAC. Probably my favourite place in the world and a place of many hidden biodiversity treasures.
Falmouth and Helford SAC. My favourite place in all the world and a place of many hidden biodiversity treasures. (Photo Credit: Blighted Star)

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30 Days Wild: A look back

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while dear readers, I was enjoying a break after the intensity of 30 Days Wild. Having a full time job, being wild everyday, taking and uploading photos, and blogging about it was quite tough at times! It certainly doesn’t help that I’m a slow writer. It has been a relief to not blog and just go out and enjoy summer, easy to do when there is a heatwave! Although in the more recent wet days I have been distracted by my new addiction to a TV show (Once Upon a Time) now that I have joined Netflix, not so good! I guess 30DaysWild being over did leave a bit of a void in my life. June is definitely going to be one of the months this year I look back on and remember the most. Which is wonderful.

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30 Days Wild: Days 27, 28, 29, and 30. The end!


And it’s all over! It’s flown by but at the same time it’s definitely felt like I’ve done a lot and experienced so much in a short month! I feel like I’ve seen the landscape transform around me from spring to a proper summer! Cannot believe how hot it is today, it’s the hottest day we’ve had for 9 years apparently! I am so ready to start enjoying my summer to the full and in one way that means I’m happy the 30 days are over as it means I won’t be blogging every evening. I want to be outside in the sunshine as much as I can and that means of course being as wild as I can!

So here are my last 4 days of the challenge, I didn’t mean to neglect blogging for four days but life and enjoying myself got in the way. It also meant I haven’t really done any more specific Random Acts of Wildness, it’s just been about just enjoying the moment in nature with the weather smiling down on us. Which is in some ways the most important thing anyway.

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