9 ways to get back in touch with your wild side

Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean, where they filmed Star Wars!

After hibernating for most of winter, it’s hard to feel like I have a wild side (unless curling up in a duvet like a hedgehog counts?). But we all do, it’s an inherent part of the human species that we belong in and have the capacity to feel at one with nature. We evolved in the forests and the oceans and the savannahs, we cannot escape that even if some of us seem to want to. It’s why being outdoors surrounded by natural elements leaves us feeling more relaxed, focused, happier, more united with each other, more connected with our surroundings and, simply, helps us feel more alive.

So here’s 9 activities to take on this year to get back in touch with your inner wild. Some of these are new to me and I fully intend to do all of them before the year is out:

Go on a falconry day! You will be given your very own bird of prey for the whole day to learn how to handle, fly and potentially hunt with. I wasn’t even aware this was a thing until recently so it’s definitely on the cards for me and a friend later this year! We’re going to head to this one in Rutland as it’s so close to where I live.

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