RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2017: what we saw!

I was too busy watching, writing and IDing birds to take any photos during our birdwatch!

Today me and the boyfriend took part in RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch that is happening this weekend, and it was a surprisingly eventful hour! I was really excited to take part this year now that we have a good sized back garden with grass, variety of deciduous and evergreen trees and hedges. I’ve also set up a stand in our front garden by our living room window that holds 3 bird feeders and a couple of dishes which is very popular with the locals.

We were going to do the hour of bird watching later in the day, but whilst making breakfast I spotted, much to my excitement, a song thrush. I was keen to include it in our results so we started then. Here’s the list of everything we saw:

  • 1 song thrush
  • 5 blackbirds (3 male, 2 female)
  • 6 house sparrows
  • 2 woodpigeons
  • 1 carrion crow
  • 1 common tern (it flew over)
  • 6 starlings
  • 1 jackdaw
  • 1 dunnock
  • 1 robin
  • 2 herring gulls (if my ID was right!)
  • 6 quail (ok I’m not being serious now, they are our pets!)

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6 New Year habits to help you and the planet


I love my new 2017 wall planner from Etsy! It says ‘This is my year … and I will do all the things!’

The frosted arrival of January, the beginning of a new year! A new number on the calendar and remembering to write a 7 when inscribing the date. Suddenly it feels the negativity of the past can be put aside and the positives built upon. It can’t help but invoke feelings of starting afresh within us or present us with the ideal opportunity to try new things. That’s why many of us use this month to reflect on things we’d like to improve and even task ourselves with achieving New Year’s resolutions.

Whilst grand-standing New Year’s resolutions can be an insurmountable challenge that inevitably become forgotten, establishing new habits that will benefit you and the planet could be the way to go. Improve yourself, you bank balance and help the environment! Here are 6 suggestions from me on habits to pick in 2017 that will benefit you and help our lovely old planet.

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