Word for the year and my plans for 2017


I’ve already shared with you some great habits to kickstart this year that will help you and the planet, all of which I’ll try to be doing too. But I thought I’d also share my personal goals for 2017. They are mostly centred around the themes of this blog and, if nothing else, writing them down publicly might mean I actually achieve them!

A few blogs I follow and have seen whilst out and about on the ‘net have shared the idea of choosing a word, a word that will embody the year. I think it’s a much better approach than the New Year’s Resolution cliche that most of us (a.k.a. me) inevitably fails. It’s why I also like the idea I mentioned before of building new habits into your life rather than attempting huge changes all in one go, which can be impossible.

My chosen word for the year is ‘active’. So for me this is about being more proactive in my life this year to achieve, learn, experience and enjoy the things that matter to me. All of my general goals fit pretty nicely into the word ‘active’.

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