Nature Diary: Ospreys, a Watervole and some Swallows

Maya in flight. Photo by John Wright from Rutland Osprey project website;

Welcome to my latest nature diary entry! I foresee these entries becoming more of a regular thing, a place where I can record my wild adventures in line with my goal to be more ‘active’ this year. After all, being wild shouldn’t be limited to just one month of the year! Here’s my diary for the wild encounters I had over the weekend.

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The UK’s forgotten natural wonder; ancient woodland

The tropical rainforests of South America, the savannas of Africa, the grasslands of Mongolia, the ice sheets of Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef. We all wonder at their existence, their diversity, we cherish them and instinctively know to protect them. And yet one of our own natural wonders, pockets of precious habitat dotted across the British Isles, sit ignored and forgotten resulting in destruction and loss. Most of us don’t even really seem to know it’s there.

A bluebell wood
Monkswood, an ancient woodland in Cambridgeshire (the bluebells are a giveaway)

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Nature Diary: Trip to Nene Valley Way



On Saturday my friend and I headed to the Nene Valley in Northamptonshire to explore the nature reserves there. We visited Ditchford Lakes and Meadows and Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows. Ditchford was lovely but Irthlingborough’s maze of paths and lakes turned out to be a real hidden gem, quieted away behind a main road.  To my initial surprise it has been granted SSSI status but this soon made sense with the appearance of a multitude of butterflies.

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