The Blog: A space to record my personal journey and explore my attempts, tips and thoughts on living a greener and wilder life. I share my wild adventures and discoveries. I discuss the environmental issues that concern and fascinate me. A place to explore how we can do better for our planet, its people and wildlife.

The Name: A slightly odd name, I know. It’s a quote from Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’. One of my absolute favourite books.

“”‘Tis because we be on a blighted star, and not a sound one, isn’t it, Tess?” murmured Abraham through his tears.”

When tragedy first strikes Tess’s poor family (that will set them on an ill-fated path) it’s what her younger brother asks. I think it applies quite fitfully to our planet. It may not be a star (as the naive maid Tess believes) but it is just as beautiful and wondrous. Yet it is blighted by man’s exploitative activity. So the question made sense to me when thinking about environmental and world issues. Why does does this wonderful planet, its people and its wildlife suffer so? And, more importantly, what can we do about it?

The Day Job: I am a campaigner at a UK national environmental NGO. I spend my days campaigning to protect some of our most precious habitats and wildlife. Sidenote: All views on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and work of the NGO I work for.

Me: A twenty something of (too) many interests and hobbies, nothing has ever quite grabbed me in the same way as the plight of our planet and all the life and wonder upon it. I try to be a warrior not a worrier, fighting to make our beautiful planet a (slightly) better place and living as green and wild life as I can.

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