30 Days Wild: Days 28-30

Appian Way, Rome

A final 30 Days Wild 2017 blog from me to conclude June’s wonderful adventures! It really did fly by and I can’t quite believe it was 2 weeks ago now.

After the excitement of exploring Italy (and seeing some wildness there) it is a little sad to come home to find 30 Days Wild is now over!

So here’s what we got up to for 30 Days Wild in Italia.

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30 Days Wild: Days 21-27

Tufted Ducks at Rutland Water

It’s been a hectic week this one for us so fitting in wild acts around work and preparing for our holiday to Italy tomorrow has been a challenge! So this will be my last blog for 30 Days Wild in June but when I’m back from holiday in 2 weeks I’ll be sure to update you on the wildness we discover in Italy over the next 3 days.

Here’s the wild acts we did manage to squeeze in over the past week.

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30 Days Wild: Days 8-12

Damselflies at Holme Fen Nature Reserve

Wow, the last 5 days have flown by and thrown up quite a variety of wildness, with us visiting new and old wild places, and seeing new and old species. Two of my biggest highlights of 30 Days Wild and a new favourite reserve have also come out of these adventures.

It’s been a busy few days so I’m a little behind with this 30 Days Wild update, so thank you for bearing with me. Here’s a few snapshots of what we have been up to!

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30 Days Wild: Days 1-4

Sedge Warbler at Rutland Water Nature Reserve

30 Days Wild has officially begun! It’s been so exciting to start the challenge and get stuck into random acts of wildness everyday. I’m also thrilled in these 4 days I’ve managed to see a new species I’ve never seen before. So here’s a rundown of what we have got up to so far, with lots of photos to document our every wild step!

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30 Days Wild: Ideas for outdoor adventures

Nature Walking @EmmaBradshaw

In my last blog post I shared lots of ideas on what to do on busy weekdays or when the weather is less than appealing. But 30 Days Wild wouldn’t be complete without forays into the wild outdoors beyond our doorsteps! That’s what I love most about 30 Days Wild, that extra motivation to visit new places, see new species, and take on new adventures, however big or small. So for the days when the sun shines and we have a couple hours or more free, I’ve come up with another 20 or so ideas so we’ll never be stuck for what to do next!

Here’s 23 ideas for outdoor adventures:
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30 Days Wild: Ideas for busy and rainy days

Curb @Furygodmother

30 Days Wild can be a challenge. Committing to wildness everyday in June in our cluttered schedules and often not nature friendly modern lives isn’t always easy. Which is only more reason to have a go! So I’ve come up with 20 wild acts that we can all do when the weather is being rather uninviting or when you simply haven’t got time or space to go on a wild adventure.

As you might have guessed, this year for 30 Days Wild Alex and I are getting organised! I’m plotting out 40 random acts of wildness for all occasions and situations to make sure we get the most out of this amazing month. Me and Alex are putting our favourite 30 acts on the wall chart, that the Wildlife Trust kindly provided us in the 30 Days Wild pack, so we know what we’re doing each day. But they’re flexible so we can swap them around during the month to suit our needs.

Here’s our 20 ideas for busy and rainy days:

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30 Days Wild: Books and Birds for Days 9, 10 and 11 

Days 9-10 mainly centred around wild birds and nature books for my 30 Days Wild.

Day 9

The boyfriend lives in Hampton in Peterborough which is a recently developed area on what used to be brick fields. Buglife, The Wildlife Trust and Froglife were involved in the design of the area and I definitely think it is an example of what all housing developments should be like. It’s a beautiful place with lots of wildlife, long grass and little lakes. House martins, terns, swifts and swallows can be seen regularly flitting through the houses and dipping down to the water. On this day we headed to one of the lakes to see what wildlife we could find. Coots, geese and more geese!

They were tame enough to let us feed them by hand and the goslings were adorable. And on the way back home we saw a heron hunting.


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